Something Shifting?

It started the other day. As I was getting ready to shave I had the hot tap running for the water to warm up.  I was wearing my battered Crocs. I whipped off my T-shirt and jumper in one go and put my finger in the water to test the temperature. I got an electric shock, presumably as I earthed through the water stream to the tap. This is pretty strange.

I can’t seem to shake this illness, yet. On the one hand it could be a non-specific illness an indicator of the return of my old friend the big C or it could be an indicator of some change in my make up, some transformation. I am getting these odd bouts where what I can only describe as the spirit, the nagal, surges in me, viz last night’s post. I know these from before, quite why they are coming back now, I can’t say…well if you do watch films like “Arn – The Knight Templar”, what do you expect Alan? All that stuff from before will only get stirred up.

I have just been into town to a regular Café for a full English as they say. It was full of workmen, it has the very best coffee in town. I even bought some, to bring home. What is strange about today is that several “work-men” types, outside the Café, approached me and spoke with me a little. I must be giving out some vibe or other. I don’t care what walk of life people come from and I have always had good interactions with people who some would consider lowly. It is only the “intelligentsia” with whom my interactions are fractious.  Maybe I should stick to being a pleb.?

This is radio clash from pirate satellite

Hands of law have sorted through
My identity
But now this sound is brave
And wants to be free – anyway to be free

Maybe, I am looking at this all wrong…Perhaps I need to get back to doing something physical and not mental, to feel the ache in my muscles and the sweat on my brow.


Is something shifting?