If This Was Your Last Week on Earth…

…. What would you do? How would you use it?

In order to get the most out of this thought exercise you have to imagine that in one week’s time from the reading of this post you will be dead. No pissing about, this is real. No debating, you know that in exactly seven days, you will die. You don’t know the manner of your death and it is non-negotiable. It will be sudden.

During that week you have your health as it currently is, you have your sanity such as it may be and all your faculties. At your disposal is all the financial resource you currently have. You are going to leave this earthly domain. There is fair bit of time. But you must decide how you are going to use it. Let your death advise you.

Make a list, write some prose, examine your motivations, whatever you want to do.

It is a very useful exercise.

The clock starts now.

If this was your last week on earth, what would you do, how would you use it?