Waiting It Out

One of the benefits of a little life experience is that you learn to “wait it out”. Whatever it is, it will change. Quite how it is going to change, you can’t be sure. One might call this forbearance, a quality perhaps scarce in our modern-day. I have been waiting this Martian flu out and finally after nearly four weeks it seems to be going. In the Bodhicaryāvatāra, a man who might know a few things about it, Śāntideva, has a whole chapter on it, Perfection of Forbearance. Reading between the lines, he was urging himself, talking himself into it.

I am of the opinion that our immediacy culture, is not good, in the long-term. We lose patience with things so very quickly. As a consequence, we only scratch the surface. There is no depth and things are shallow and not profound.

When we get impatient, we suffer. You can see it in traffic jams, supermarket queues and the classroom. If we don’t “get” it there is a tendency to give up. It must be now, or we pout and sulk. This means that we must consume vast quantities of trite stuff. We aren’t satisfied. So, we suffer.

We aren’t prepared to wait things out, so we get all het up.

Having cued this up:

Am I a tad impatient from time to time?

Does this waste time?

Could I benefit from cultivating some more forbearance?