Setting Priorities

For most people life is hectic, and it can seem difficult to prioritize. This setting of priorities requires some level of decision making. If one does not learn to do this, a mess can result, things drift and never get done. Important things lay like roadkill aside the way. There are a number of coaching tools available to help; one of these is the life wheel. Over a week or so one notes exactly how one uses each 15-minute slot of a day and then tallies it all it up. One reflects upon whether or not time is used wisely. It is a bit analytical but does work, it tends not to focus on some of the important stuff which one may not be doing at all. It can be a tool for figuring out how you use the hamster wheel of daily life, it does not question whether or not the hamster wheel is best.

To cut through the crap, you need a bullshit knife. If you properly use death as an adviser, you have your knife. The problem is not to be wistful one has to get busy with what death has advised. The priorities death suggests may be vastly different to that which you are currently engaged in. How to change? Well one has to summon courage and get on with it. Unfortunately, there is no other way. Most people do not have the balls to change in a substantive manner. Many can and do tinker. The latter is fine and to be encouraged because it can indeed increase the quality of life, it is not however, transformation.

It is only when life is heading towards the shitter that one is ready to initiate transformation. Whilst things are comfy, there is no motivation.

One of the things I like about what I have read of Tibetan culture, is this presence and use of death. It is being real. For death is ever present, we simply pretend it is not so that we can continue fannying about. Yesterday I put up an exercise. And if done properly it can be a key to opening up the heart.

If we don’t set our priorities we can spend vast tracts of our lives repeating the same stuff in marginally different guise. Whole decades can slip by.

Having cued this up:

Is life comfy with only a few niggles?

Do I want to change my life?

If so, am I after a few cosmetic changes or a total transformation?