Possible Futures

If we are a little strange to others, then those others might look into our track record. They may examine our medical records, do an internet search and maybe interview people who may or may not have met us. My medical records dating back to just before my breakdown (~1995) show non-dependent cannabis use. That is on record. More recently they show a request for an adult Asperger’s assessment, which I have tried to withdraw because I chased it up myself. One can do little tests to see how people are influenced by these records, the prior data. I won’t go into details, but I have done a number of these.

The wife and I have started watching “True Detective” box sets. It is very well done, very captivating and very good. I caught a prescient glimpse of a possible future, one in which I am somehow called in to account for myself in a non-benign atmosphere. How prescient that is remains to be seen. I don’t think I’ll go. In the meantime, I had better grow my hair and moustache. It is strange how I often empathise with “outsiders”.

People rely heavily on “prior data” to make assessments and judgements on future likelihoods. I am not convinced that this is an entirely sound methodology, though common practice it is.

I doubt that it would be possible to explain what has happened, nor how it has, to “solve” the current situation. Actually, I don’t think it is down to me to solve it. It may be without solution.