Aids to Recapitulation

Earlier on in the blog I pointed at this idea of recapitulation and that one must do it all the way back to the moment of birth.

Many think that they are making good progress in this, but there are a number of ways to test this. One of these is looking at photographs to see if they evoke an emotional response, another is to visit old “haunts”. There is something about places which can be very evocative, the smell and sound of them can stimulate all sorts of things which might otherwise lay hidden. This is particularly so of the places where one has had emotionally charged encounters. They are worth revisiting until such time as the place itself has no power over you. I have been to certain of these places, these “haunts”, a number of times just to check that I have “finished” with that place.

These places can be old workplaces, houses full of marital “bliss” or scenes of trauma such as a mugging. We leave something of ourselves there and this needs to be reclaimed somehow. There is always a chance that you might run into someone or something from the past, so you need to be fully prepared for such an eventuality. Over a decade ago I visited the environs of a prep school I used to go to and to my surprise an old dorm-mate was doing the exact same thing. He was lost in reflection, so I did not disturb him. He looked older than me and had a melancholy air. But he seemed to know what he was doing.

As a rule of thumb, the longer you are associated with a place, the longer it takes to recapitulate. And these chance encounters can really aid things. It is as if the universe somehow offers the encounter up for you, a kind of synchronicity. In visiting old “haunts”, you cease to be haunted by them, if that makes any sense. It is a bit like when a “ghost” takes a few last looks at where it lived when it was alive.

One of the best aids to recapitulation is the visiting of old “haunts”. Be prepared because this can be very evocative, and you need to be ready just in case it is.