A Bit Too Real

Yesterday I put up some “selfies” they are perhaps a bit too real. Because these days so much is posed and altered to look idealised. It is not beyond the realms of doubt that people go on holiday with others and take lovely photos to share with their friends either on-line or around a table, yet the holiday has been one of friction, unhappiness and going through the motions. Am I a killjoy or am I real? I don’t know if this resonates with you or not, but there is a hell of a lot of pretending going on. Reality can take an inordinate amount of time to percolate through.

I’ll make another hypothesis; by and large people are uncomfortable being real.

What do you think, does this hypothesis point at a truth?

It is in being real that the power (knowledge and learning) lies. Somehow, we know it, it is exciting, but we are scared of it. For whatever reason we conduct our lives in face-value-land and only when we are forced by circumstance do we actually get real. We might have discussions about rules and regulations and yet our real motives might be to fuck someone over, to win or something non-benign. We maybe all about self-advancement, which we seek to dress in niceties. The motivation for taking photos in front of the Uffizi is not for our own memory rather for show-and-tell with our acquaintances, a one up-man-ship.

It is “safe” to talk about physical fitness, about diet, about fashion but not so safe to talk about anything meaningful. When things get a little close to home we bottle and seek to change the subject. So long as we can preserve the illusion, everything is dandy. But the moment we start to get real, panic sets in. Being real is very risky, or so it is imagined. Actually, not being real is in the fullness of time the more hazardous.

It is in being real that the power (knowledge and learning) lies.

Having cued this up:

Am I scared of being real?

Can things be a bit too real for my liking?

Does the excitement and fear of being real point at its fundamental worth somehow?

When I have been real, what power have I harvested therefrom?