Exit Strategies 2

Earlier on I spoke a little about mundane exit strategies, but there is one exit we all must make, and most are unprepared for this. The exit I speak of is the shuffling off of the mortal coil. And whilst it might seem morbid, it is best to be prepared. Strangely that preparation enhances the quality of life. I’ll hazard a guess that most are more than a little afraid of dying. Thus, they approach death in an unwilling, fearful and resentful manner. They do not like it when people they care for pop their clogs and it is often seen as a tragedy. Everyday people die, by the time I have finished writing this quite a few. It is such a natural thing. Yet we fear it. It is however, reality.

I personally am not afraid. This could be bravado to be tested as the time approaches. This statement is based upon what I have experienced in meditation, I could have misinterpreted but I doubt it.

One of the fears associated with death is unfinished business, another is that you will not be remembered, some like the idea of a legacy and of course there is that uncertainty as to what happens and where you might end up. Many fear the gradual loss of faculties along the way. How we each of us approach our death will vary. Many will pretend that is isn’t going to happen, that is until the evidence starts to mount by which time it may well be too late to alter anything in a meaningful way.

Having cued this up there is but one question:

What is your exit strategy?