Life in the Cave

Here in my “yogi’s cave” life goes on, pretty much as usual. Only it isn’t a cave, it is a farmworker’s cottage. It has internet, a phone line but no central heating. An estate agent might say that it is in need of refurbishment. Today it is cold and windy, here on the hill it is always a few degrees colder than in town.

On average I get less than one text message per week, and at most one email which I need to respond to. Every now and then ResearchGate sends me a message to let me know that one of my co-authors from the past has published a paper, or that someone I cited or who cited me, has done the same. I haven’t had a social ‘phone call in over three years, maybe more. On average about once a fortnight I have to deal with some utility either by ‘phone or email. So, the ‘phone doesn’t get used.  We go to Aikido weekly. And on a daily basis I pop into town where I exchange a few words with the shop assistants and coffee shop servers. Apart from the wife and the people at the dojo, I speak with nobody. That is apart from my only monthly tutorial student. Very occasionally I speak to a lost, usually Eastern European delivery driver, to give them directions.

So, although it isn’t a real yogi’s cave I am pretty isolated and cut off from the world.

What goes on in the outside world is whatever is going on there. I am cut off from the outside world. I can read newspapers and watch TV. And that is about it.

It is pretty tranquil…