That Which You Seek

In a world seemingly full of goals, targets, bucket lists, must-have and ambitions, people may be predicating that which they seek. By this I mean there is a tendency to think that something may be that which they seek. And so, people get busy doing stuff other than that which it is they are really seeking on a subconscious level. Some may not even be aware that they are seeking, others know they are seeking but they do not know what. The thing is most people are so darned busy that the notion and the shape of that which they seek remains submerged under the hectic waters of daily life. There is no space, no hole in the ice, for that which they seek to rise to the surface and begin to take shape.

If we listen to Rumi, that which we seek is already seeking us.

So maybe, as if by magic “it” will tip up at our front door, delivered by UPS. But I don’t think it works like that. If we wait around for long enough surely it must appear. If we are so passive, we are not yet a seeker, we are waiting for the delivery man who may have gotten lost. If we are more active then we become a seeker, exploring many avenues. And it being the 21st century those avenues point to the world wide web. But can you really find on the internet? It is less passive than waiting for the delivery man, yes, but still a computer screen is a computer screen and not an in-person experience. To become a finder as opposed to a seeker, one has to leave the office chair or the coffee shop Wi-fi. To find one must take at least a few risks.

Having cued this up:

Am I seeking something?

Do I even have a clue what I am looking for?

Is my approach working?