Dealing with Echoes

The web of life has to it possibilities, some are yet to be and nascent, others are by way of echoes or ghost possibilities. These are the possibilities which might have happened but did not. Some of these echoes have a marked longevity and one can tap into them until such time as they are fully damped and faded. Maybe you have experienced one of these echoes of what might have been? They sometimes come to us in dreams. They relate to a fate which might but did not. They have a ghostly nebulous quality, which can “haunt” the mind a little. One cannot ever materialise an echo.

As things stand I cannot envisage ever going into London again. Well maybe a visit to the opera, but that is about it.

That dream feels like one such echo-possibility. There have been many of these. Once the aperture in space-time has passed it closes and all one can hear is the echo of the door.