Family Stories

I don’t know why but I have been reflecting of family stories this afternoon. It is a little to do with how I find myself here, now.

My uncle Colonel Rees, my father’s half-brother, was according to story, with Monty in the desert and in the Signals Regiment. He was promoted through the ranks to acting colonel during the war and stayed on as a captain afterwards. Later, he served as “Head of Signals London Station” or so the recollection goes. He worked out of Horse Guards in London, just around the corner from where I did my Ph.D. in Albermarle Street. My father used to recall going to meet him, with my mother, for lunch once. He said that, they got very well treated. He also used to say that my uncle was very involved in all major events in that area and London in general. This included the ceremonial ones from the 1950s onwards. As I have already established his MBE commendation was signed by the head of Military Intelligence.

I never really got to know him. He took me out one weekend when at boarding school and the housemaster was very impressed. I did not know at the time that his surname was different. I went to his funeral.

I am contemplating delving in to his service record at the Royal Corps of Signals to see what I might unearth…

For some reason my curiosity is piqued…