Five “Fishes”

Well the dreaming continues a little. After that official STICK and carrot email, it looks like I am going to have to find something else to read on the loo. What it reminded me of was not quite its intention. That world where you have to threaten and cajole, seems a distant one.

Anyway, in town, on the usually immaculate pavement in front of the supermarket, my eye was drawn to a blue chalk figure, probably drawn by a child. It was of a smiling whale complete with water spout; a blue whale. Near it also in blue was a small smiley fish. Next to that in white was what looked to be a shark, also with a grin on. Yet further there was a white whale and another smaller fish.

Five is the need for freedom and change

Fish is awareness, state of awareness or need to be wide awake.

Blue is humility and understanding

White is need for peace

2 is humility and understanding need for or a symbol of destiny

3 is need for creativity and joy / mixed abundance

A little later I had a little trouble finding my car in the car park. I found it quite quickly.

Car is state of awareness, or level or perception.

This is telling me something and is linked to the dream of this morning.