Take a look around you at your family, friends, acquaintances and colleagues. Who amongst them expresses this quality, pettiness? Do some of them go so far as being vindictive? Are they full of justifications for their pettiness? Are you perhaps blind to this pettiness? Indeed, do you yourself express it? Who amongst them is broad-minded, inclusive and encouraging?

I guess pettiness expresses as roughly two poles, these are “it’s not fair” and “I am going to score points”. This thing, pettiness, is pretty common. In using comparison mind we might think it unfair that someone else is on a slightly higher pay grade or has a bigger expense allowance; that the office of a colleague is one square foot bigger than ours. If someone else succeeds we spit nails and wish them failure, they do not deserve it whilst we do. We seek to bring them down in a fault finding petty way. We can see it with Oxfam right now. All the good they do is forgotten, because of a few rotten apples in the barrel. What do we see? We see only that which we can criticise.

If someone “offends” us we take note. Thereafter any chance to score points or exact petty vengeances is seized and the “dagger” of revenge is thrust home. It is revenge by a thousand tiny cuts.

Aback both these poles is a victim mentality, which we all have to an extent. Somehow it is difficult to rise above this miasma of pettiness. There are petty jealousies, pet annoyances and petty grievances. The poor wounded victim thinks, “it is not fair” and “I am going to get even”.

This mind-set is not liberating, and it makes for a shitty climate. It can be found, for example, in workplaces all over the land.

Having cued this up:

Is pettiness an attractive and energising thing to express?

Do I find it hard not to be petty?

Am I justified in being petty?

If I am honest do I have something of a victim mentality, poor little me?