“Scoring Points” Tunnel Vision

There are some in the world who want to “win” so very much that it can overtake them. This is especially the case when they develop some weird and sometimes all-consuming rivalry. By whatever means they must “score points”, beat and otherwise outdo their rival. It can become a raison d’être for them. In that tunnel vision they are perennially alert for point scoring opportunities. Somehow this makes them feel bigger, better and cleverer or more cunning. They may not tell anyone about this ambition which drives them. And so, in the narrow focus of tunnel vision all they can see is some imagined “victory”, to achieve this pretty much any collateral damage is allowable. They may even cut their nose off to spite their face, if this gains them a few precious “points” at the expense of another.

It may not occur to someone with this dis-ease that the person off whom they are scoring points isn’t keeping a tally and, in any case, does not give a shit about points. This kind of rivalry and pissing contest behaviour can be found on all sides. Out comes the cock and; “look how far I can piss up the wall!” Both men and women play this scoring points game. It is often very petty.

They want to “win” so bad that you can smell it on them. It can cause them many problems in life.

Having cued this up:

Do I recognise this point scoring game?

Do I play it myself?

What does it achieve?

Who or what is keeping a tally of the points?

Are they real?