What Does Knowledge Look Like?

This is an interesting question because it is possible we all have some preconceptions. If we are seeking a personal trainer, then it is unlikely we would pick a middle-aged guy with and can of Stella in one hand, a cheeseburger in the other and a fag (cigarette) in his mouth. If we are seeking to learn Asana yoga, we might expect a bendy woman in Lycra and a crop top perhaps smelling of something fragrant. If we seek to meditate we might want some dude in Buddhist robes or some Indian guru type, maybe they should have a groovy name. If we seek to learn quantum mechanics, we might imagine a boffin with wild hair and spectacles. You get the idea…

The trouble is that if the packaging and the branding is not to our taste and our preconceptions, we may not be willing to learn. We may be quite sanctimonious. We judge the book by its cover and public relations statements, we may look at the on-line reviews and star rating. We might expect some evidence of popularity and this lovely thing “success”. They would have to have some reputation and/or status.

If someone pushes our buttons, they are unlikely to be all that popular. People get angry and pissed off. You may have noticed that I bang on about smoking, this pushes people’s socially conditioned buttons. It is one of the A number one soap-box topics in our modern times. Why?

If something does not challenge our preconceptions can we learn from it? Well maybe, but what are we learning?

So here is a question for you:

What does knowledge look like and would I recognise it if I came across it?