Some Guidelines for Living

I have had a go at some guidelines for living, here is what I came up with this cold snowy afternoon, whilst “snowed in”.

As an exercise, make your own list.


1) Minimise the amount of harm you do whilst not taking any “shit” from others.

2) Try not to be a gobshite, in other words get your actions and words to coincide as closely as possible.

3) Don’t make shit up, stay as close to the truth as you can.

4) Exhibit humility whilst not allowing yourself to be victimised and/or taken advantage of.

5) Do not be afraid of admitting both to yourself and others when you don’t know.

6) Look to learn from every situation and every person, wherever possible.

7) Be open minded yet not gullible

8) Remember that everyone is on a journey too, so do not expect perfection either from yourself or from others.

9) Try to minimise your internal dialogue and be as fully present as you can be, always.

10) Learn to trust and hone your intuition.

11) Do not try to force or coerce any other being.

12) Try for as broad and as inclusive a perspective as you can.

13) Be wary of indulging in anything, look for balance.

14) In whatever you do, do it to the very best of your ability and no further.

15) Don’t spread yourself too thinly, learn discernment and focus.

16) Cultivate at least some patience and forbearance.

17) Learn when to act and when to wait.

18) Listen to your dreams and learn how to understand them.

19) Give yourself {and others} a break, stop being so hard and judgemental.

20) Rome wasn’t built in a day, give new things time to work.

21) Try to be impeccable.