Being Better Than

To whom are you superior?

Human beings like to feel superior, better than, others. It seems important to be better than another being in some way or other. It speaks of rivalry and competition. I want to be better than Fred, to be cleverer, more attractive, have more money, a higher social status, more kudos or more followers on Instagram. This desire to outdo others according to some mental metric is common. People want to be the best, the A number one and if they can’t be that, then at least they want to be better than Fred. Some are driven to strive to be better than or at least to appear better than. It is of course comparison mind at work.

I don’t recognise this thinking as being strong in me, it never has been. All I have been concerned with is doing my best, it doesn’t matter overmuch how that ranks me.

When one is better than there is a temptation to feel superior to and to swell a little with this superiority. I’ll guess that many would feel superior to me because of their nice house, it is better than mine. And if one is superior to, one can look down one’s nose at. It can engender a hoity-toity attitude. Feeling better than does not suffice, there has to be proof, something tangible with which to measure this thing. It could be a whole bunch of stuff. Maybe we take a ruler to our cock, to prove we are bigger than or better than, maybe we compare our bank balances, or polish the new Mercedes in the drive.

It is odd this comparison of human ranking thing.

Having cued this up:

To whom am I superior?

Do I strive to compete against and outdo other beings?

How many beings am I better than?

Is there a tendency to look down my nose at others?

Or am I better than that?