Reality and Offence

I have a theory and it is backed up by some experimental evidence, it says that the more real you are the more likely some people are to get offended. This is because people do not like having “game playing” explicitly and overtly questioned, they do not like to have suppositions shot full of holes, nor do they like their idealized rosy-tinted views questioned. To point at motives is to lose friends and gain enemies. We may suspect motives but somehow it is offensive to point directly at them, it is a game. It is nasty and unfair, to expose these and in some cases, people may be kidding themselves.

To suggest to some that their “spirituality” has more than a little flavour of ego-trip is to offend those on such an ego-trip. It is a QED situation, were they not on an ego-trip they wouldn’t be offended. There is a lot of pretension and we do live in a world of show-and-tell. Hell, I used to be an evangelical vegan and one of the reasons I got into that, as I later learned about myself, was to show off about just how radical I could be.

When things don’t fit how they are supposed to be, it can take a very long time before the reality is accepted. Somehow reality itself can offend people prone to wishy-washy idealised views of how things are meant to be. Being offended is a control drama. People are offended so as to try to get you to stop. If we are offended by reality, then it stands to reason that in order for this to happen we must be being unreal in the first place. Sometimes being real is not being “nice”, although being real can be much more of an expression of love than being nice.

We, all of us, can have many illusions and the shattering of these can be an uncomfortable experience. We may try to prop up our illusions long after they are tenable. And we may hate {at least temporarily} the person who points at our illusions because we don’t want to admit their illusory nature.

Having cued this up:

Have I ever been offended by reality?

For what purpose did I play the game of being offended?

Is it possible that this is yet another avoidance behaviour?

What do I think my chances are at the BAFTAs and Oscars?