The Spirituality EGO Trip

“Hey man, I am like a truly spiritual being. I am in touch with the oneness of the universe and sit at my guru’s feet. Like I have been on retreat with guru Dev and Nicolai Rinpoche. I do twenty minutes of yoga every morning butt naked under a waterfall. I never eat the flesh of the sacred beings who walk this our Mother Earth with us. No wine passes my lips and I don’t smoke herb. All my clothes are ethnically and renewably sourced. I am surely on my way to enlightenment. I am way more spiritual than you, look at my New Age CV bro’. I am here to save you from your wicked ways.”

Have you ever met one of these? Perhaps I am one?

There is a real EGO trip associated with spiritual endeavour, it is easy to become holier-than-thou. It is easy to imagine that one is already a proto-Arhat and thence bestow your wisdom on lesser beings. One becomes swollen with premature omniscience.

“Like, I am one of the chosen disciples and I know best. You could not possibly teach me because I am already way more enlightened than you are.”

Having cued this up one question:

Do I ever feel this holier-than-thou vibe?