Are You Special?

Do you deserve special treatment?

If you think yourself special, very important, then as medicine for this affliction I can recommend making multiple telephone calls to call centres around the world to ask for help and assistance, particularly when due to some imagined circumstance or other, they are experiencing, “higher than normal call volumes”.

Joking aside, there is a tendency to get all het up, if we don’t get what we want, when we want it. Life is so unfair!!  This can cause apoplexy of varying degrees. The more special you perceive yourself to be the greater the apoplexy. There are many instances in modern life with which to test our patience and forbearance.

Now some people like to consider themselves special and want to be ranked on the scale of special-ness, hopefully somewhere near the top. That way they can brag to their friends about how very special they are, especially those friends whom they consider to be rivals on the ladder of special-ness.

To determine if you are a special being or not. Here are some questions:

Do I get upset when I don’t get my own way?

What simple things are beneath me?

Do I not get enough recognition for my special-ness?

Why can’t they see?

Is it all a bit unfair?