Love You Must Learn

If you look to the previous post and in regard of the United Kingdom, the advice is; “Love You Must Learn”.  The UK is now a fading power which for many years expressed this first ray characteristic of Will to Power, a characteristic of its personality, it enforced itself upon many other nations. And now its significance in the world fades. It is not yet in touch with its Soul ray #2; Love-Wisdom. So, whilst it may still seek to exert Will to Power that is not as yet balanced with a wise compassion. It still tries to be tough and destroy all obstacles, but it must get in touch with its Soul. The Lion no longer roars quite so fiercely.

One could argue loosely that the haughty patrician conservative is a first ray orientation whilst the labour movement of old was more love oriented, it gave rise to many things and was perhaps a Soul response to the ravages of war. After all the social systems including the NHS were a shining example to the world in days gone by. But that patrician “we know best” first ray mindset has risen in backlash. Business overtakes love and the basic motivation to good is lost when we treat a human being like a model T Ford on a production line. Humanity dies, for endless metrics and fucking league tables.

When one is trying so hard to be tough and dynamic, there is not much room for love, no space for humanity. It makes for an unbalanced world bereft of compassion, a world that gets too stark, too competitive and thereby somewhat barren. One can only progress along this path for so long before nothing grows.

Hey who gives a shit provided we win?

But in so doing, in victory after victory, there are no friends. Nobody wants to work with you because all you are interested in is winning. So maybe you turn in and fight amongst yourselves. The once great empire disintegrates into many petty warring fiefdoms. All those “kings”, sit on their micro-thrones. Too many chefs spoil the broth et cetera.

Love You Must Learn but you cannot learn that whilst the Will to Power dominates your every thought, your every action. Sometimes you have to lose to win. But that kind of victory is over self, over the personality. It cannot be measured by any metric I know. There are no bragging rights associated. It is a simple unassuming knowing, which is reward enough.

Here is a question:

Do I need to learn how to love and be loved?