raison d’être?

What is the raison d’être of your current life?

Not everyone is prone to existential questions for therein can indeed lie existential angst. What is it all for? Why bother living? There has to be more to life than this? What is the meaning and the purpose of it all? What am I doing with my life? Difficult questions, which many fear to ask. Others still, when the have been down the shitter, so to speak, come face to face with questions like these. Maybe they find enough answers or maybe some desire to live simply kicks in and they haul themselves out of the shitter. Maybe later they revisit these questions. Or we can simply put off these questions and like King Canute, keep the tide at bay with pass-times and escapisms.

There is a saying which goes; “an unexamined life is not worth living”. We can also spend vast amount of time examining the fluff from our belly-button. Some kind of balance, is perhaps needed.

Decades can go by whilst we pursue some ambition or other yet when we have made it, gotten to the end of the rainbow, there is no pot of gold. Those bastard Leprechauns were lying, the dream they sold us does not satisfy. We look back and another question rears its head, “was it all worth it, all that struggle, all that effort and stress?” To find that you have been chasing a chimera all along is to be a little disappointed.

Unless you can slow down or stop the world, you are way to dizzy to pause and take stock. But these are our times a whirligig, hectic, frantic mêlée. We are spread so thin and we salivate each time we hear the Pavlovian cue of an incoming email, text or ‘phone call. That Fear Of Missing Out, FOMO, stops us from questioning what it is we are doing and why we are doing it.

If you are afraid to question you won’t get any answers. If you do not seek your chances of finding are much diminished. If you sit back and let it all pass you by, then that is what happens. When your curiosity dies, then slowly so do you. That tendency to remain entirely comfortable is the root of decay.

All those ambitions they can make us miss that which is vital, that which is truly important. Many a relationship dies on the horns of ambition. And when that ambition is met, what then? So long as we keep ultra-busy we never have to ask the most important question.

And here it is:

What is the raison d’être of my current life?