Decision Time

Well the arrival of “Physics World” through my letter box today has reminded me that I have until 16th March to pay my dues. Otherwise it will be the last one.

I am conflicted. I can get a reduction in fees due to unemployment.

But I cannot see why I would need C.Phys., M.Inst. P. any longer. I can’t envisage a circumstance.

As a co-founder of a high technology laser company and a former senior lecturer in Physical Chemistry I am not engaged.

I let my C.Chem., M.R.S.C. lapse a long time ago because I didn’t like the magazine as much.


Last summer I drafted this advert:


“Interested in becoming a part of a time evolving superposition state?

Seeking a leap into the unknown?

Something of an individual?

Plenty of time on your hands?

Want to do things differently?


Experienced start-up founder is seeking highly skilled people of perhaps questionable sanity for a new venture in lasers, optics and stuff.

There is no remuneration, nor will there be for a long time; there will be equity.


Please send a short (250 words max.) unconventional motivation to XXXX and we can take things from there.”


It was suggested to me that this was too vague, so I dropped the whole idea of looking for people to work with. It was amongst a whole number of negative experiences I had with people in the UK.


Not sure what to do…