The Bullshit Mountain

We are surrounded, on all sides, by great mounds of bullshit and hype. It is everywhere. We might call this in some contexts, propaganda and in others, vast over-egging. People make all kinds of claims and there is very little that does not have a bullshit residue clinging to it. Referring back to the previous post, I am unwilling to add to the bullshit mountain so because I won’t play this over-egg-hype-bullshit-game people may suspect that I have nothing to pitch, nothing to offer. This bullshit is to be found in all spheres of life and bullshitting is normal practice in our times. How then does what know what is shit and what is Shinola? People like the shiny, the glossy and the ultra-hyped, even if there is no or little substance. Without “marketing”, often a euphemism for bullshit, you are nothing and nobody is interested.

Now outside in the farm there is a small bullshit hill, well cow-shit actually. In summer and when the wind is in the right direction one gets wafts of it. I know what bullshit looks like. I strongly suspect that many have lost touch with reality and they can no longer discern when they themselves are bullshitting. It has become so very ingrained that people may even believe their own bullshit. And should a farmer come along and say, looks like bullshit, smells like bullshit, therefore it is bullshit, they may get offended. People will defend their bullshit.

Having cued this up:

Do I know when I myself am bullshitting?

Do I believe my own hype, my own bullshit?

What is the going price per kilogram of bullshit?