I have come to a working conclusion this afternoon and it is that there are some things which are so simple, so very straightforward, that it is impossible for people to believe them. People can have assumptions about the way “it” is supposed to be and when the simple reality stares them in the face, they just can’t see it. It is just too damn simple to be true. This is especially the case if that simple thing, whatever it may be, has implications. The human mind simply will not accept it. Never mind Occam’s razor let’s make it complicated as all hell and then we might believe it, but not before.

Anyway I digress a little, and talking about beliefs:

Do you believe in irrevocability or are many things revocable and open to discussion / negotiation?

Has something irrevocable happened to you and you have had a hard time accepting it?

The notion of irrevocability is allied to that of impermanence. And until you attain impermanence there is a tendency to think you have all the time in the world in which to fanny about. When the “permanent” ceases to be permanent people get upset. When people die it can cause grief. We all know that people die every day, yet when someone close to us dies we get upset, are shocked and surprised. That physical plane death is an irrevocable thing, we can’t plug people back into the mains and they are good to go. Thus, we approach life with at least some notion of revocability, we can take back what we said and what we did, somehow. We imagine a second chance, so we take stuff and people for granted. But there are some times when things and people do not come back, they are gone. Chapters end, the book finishes and that is it. Most of us do not factor in irrevocability, in the way we live our lives. One could call that complacent.

I mentioned previously that I tend not to bluff. It makes me shit at poker. If I say I am going to do something it is not an attention seeking drama or threat, nor is it a negotiation ploy. This has come as a surprise to some. Introverts tend not to gob off all that much and when they do speak, it is often considered. I know when I am doing something of significance and I rarely undertake these things on a whim. By the time I am talking about it I am often >90% towards a decision and subsequent action. I have done quite a number of things which I knew were irrevocable, some with fairly wide implications.

It adds a little edge when you know that things are irrevocable.

Having cued this up:

Do I believe in this notion of irrevocability?

Is it perhaps more common that I would like to countenance?  

Or is there plenty of reversibility?