Slain by Our Own Minds?

We were discussing this yesterday, how we can be slain by our own minds. I don’t mean killed or murdered, I meant prevented, stopped, stymied and otherwise screwed up by our thinking. We can big something up until it is bigger than Everest, we can complicate beyond all reasonable complexity, we can convolute and imagine. Depending upon our levels of paranoia and natural suspiciousness we can see plots on all sides, even when there are none. As a rule of thumb, the more manipulative we ourselves are the more we imagine and see this in others. If we play a lot of games, they are everywhere.

And so, we screw up a situation which might have benefitted us because we have built a great wall of made-up shit around it. We are slain by our own minds.

We can say can’t and thereby prove ourselves right, we can create excuse and justification after justification for our own failure. We can compare ourselves to others and deem ourselves wanting and so pack something in. When something doesn’t happen to perfection in a nanosecond, we get impatient, frustrated and give up. “See, I told you it would not work!!” Being slain by mind can be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Having cued this up:

Have I ever been slain by my own mind?

Have I ever allowed made-up shit to ruin a situation for me?

In fact, is one of my many “enemies” my own mind?

Is that true mind or simply my incessant internal dialogue?