The Ploy Mentality

Over the years I have come to suspect that many people overcomplicate things. Unless I am mistaken some of my actions and behaviours have been interpreted by others as ploys or even negotiating ploys. I have had this feeling in several interactions. I have done something based on some decision or other I have made, and the other person or persons have imagined that it was some kind of a ploy or a plot. When in fact all I have been doing is surfing the situation. I was not bluffing though it might have been imagined I was.

The feeling is weird, it is as if others are waiting for me to make a move or some other weird convoluted shit like that. I don’t know what happens for them when no move is forthcoming, nor how long people wait for the incoming “move”.

I guess if you are prone to making ploys then you might imagine them on all sides, people so beset have the ploy mentality. These kinds are often fond of negotiation games as well, whereas I am not.

Having cued this up:

Do I have this ploy mentality?

Do I enjoy negotiating?

Do I imagine everyone shares my passion?

Am I fond of games?