Set Aright Your Own Heart

What a beautiful expression this is, a worthy goal and a bountiful endeavour. Would that an ethos such as this pervaded more widely. For the world is in need of a major shift in attitude away from the all-consuming ME and towards a less contentious us. But as for now, that great hungry God ME stands separate and demanding upon the altar of so very many. We are beset by argument, bickering, squabbling and war. All that contention, all that self-promotion and self-advancement has precious little to do with returning to the source.

The world has many problems but each of us can tend our own door step, we can set aright our own hearts; work at removing all that resentment, all those often-petty gripes and moans. And thereby find a centre of balance, within us and not outside of us. We can become an island of calm in the rampages of modern life and in acting thus work to still the turmoil and le bruit, the noise, the clamour. We can forego the desire for one-upmanship, for vengeances, envy and spite.

We can see our fellows as brothers and not enemies to be conquered and vanquished. We can seek common ground and not differences, so very often minute. And most of all we can stop pointing stiletto fingers of blame at each other, in stead of that we can accept our own responsibility and tend our own door step.

If our heart is full of bile, that is not good. If our heart is rid of bile and filled with some warmth, if not as yet love, then that is, better. In setting aright the heart a freedom is to be found, a gentle unassuming freedom, bereft of demands and resentments. Burdens such as these weigh heavy and masochistic, how we torture both ourselves and others with these nasty little resentments.

What can we do?

We can work on ourselves and set aright our own hearts, that much, is in our power.