The UK and Billy-no-mates

Take a look at the clip from the film “Gandhi” I posted up yesterday. That “British” entitlement mind-set has yet to fade. It just doesn’t get it. It doesn’t get that it no longer has an empire. It doesn’t get that people are not as interested in negotiating with the UK as we might like. It doesn’t get that the haughty attitude pisses people off. And it doesn’t get that if you piss your allies and trading partners off, you are weakening alliances and losing friends. You can’t have your cake and eat it.

Divide and rule can leave you on your own.

So where are we now? We are indulging in a fascination with intrigue instead of getting on with extracting ourselves from the EU, the business at hand. And we are demanding that the world supports us. We are issuing unrealistic ultimatums to a world power. An MI6 agent has had an attempt on his life. Someone has attempted the murder of a spy, wow that is a real curve ball, straight out of left field, not. If we try to ramp it up, we shall find out soon enough who our friends are. It may turn out that we are fast becoming Billy-no-mates.

“How terribly shocking old boy. One of our MI6 agents has had an assassination attempt in a cathedral city, carried out by those bloody Russians. Let’s really show them who is boss…”

It is a bit like me, a man in his fifties, walking into a gang of fit young men and saying; “come on if you think you are hard enough.”

When, oh when, will it sink in….