Working Off Karma

The first thing to say is that making a half-hearted attempt to work off karma, does not work, it tends to cause more problems than it was meant to solve. And if you are doing this for PR purposes it is disingenuous, so it generates even more karma.

The second thing to say is that, even if like Earl, you make a list of all your bad things, you cannot simply tip up back in the lives of those you “wronged” and expect to fix it. Why? Well let’s ask Bob.

What you can do is learn from your mistakes and not repeat them. If you have taken, you can give. If you make others miserable, you can be cheery and uplifting. You can reverse previous behaviours to balance the books, so to speak.

If you do make a list, how will you assess what is generative of karma and what not? Chances are that you are still deep in denial about all your bad or otherwise dodgy stuff. That list will be incomplete. You will bullshit yourself.

When you have done significant damage, the first thing you have to do is to come to terms with the extent of the damage you caused. This starts to work off the karma.

It is a strange thing this karma. It starts with acknowledgement.

Having cued this up there is one question:

Have I got karma to work off?