The Karma of Skeletons

Skeletons whether real or metaphorical exert a karmic force, this is especially so if they are in the closet so to speak. There is a magnetic pull of skeletons which attracts the eye and they get fed up with having to be in the closet. They want to come out and badly so.

In our times obsessed with image, spin, PR and photoshop we inter many things we wish to remain unknown, secret, about ourselves and our actions. We lock them in the closet and wrap that closet with many layers of duct tape. We try to erase all traces of our actions. Because these may not look so good for us. As a result, we live in constant fear of exposure. We may go to inordinate lengths.

This fear of exposure is a direct effect of bullshitting, over-egging, lying, duplicity and trying to get away with it. Rather than looking at the skeleton we pretend it isn’t there. The trouble is pretend does not work so well and sooner or later there is the chance that we shall have to confront our skeletons. Skeletons of course, fester.

Because of this endless public relations spin which it seems we are required to put on our lives, the skeleton count has increased markedly over the last few decades. The news is often frequented by these skeletons doing a jaunty dance for the cameras.

There is a simple answer, don’t succumb to all that shit, that “need” to look better and shinier than you actually are.  Being simple and true does not cause skeleto-genesis

The karma of skeletons is a pervading and deep-seated fear of exposure.