The Sojourn Question

I have had something like 8 word of mouth referrals for science tutoring this year, all of which I have turned down. This suggests that for 18-19 there is still a market.

I am due to go on some training for drug testing, whereby festival goers can have their drugs tested prior to ingestion or use. Assuming that goes OK I may get to go to some festivals and do tests.  I have offered my experience in instrumentation, should they wish it at a later date. This charity work may evolve.

I was revisiting an old idea this afternoon. The idea revolves around “spiritual conversations”. I am not very denominational and have read quite widely. A while back this seemed like an avenue and something not represented in the “market”. It would not be to “sell” any particular approach, just to sit and talk possibly for hours and not to force the conversation in any direction, just to let it meander and see where it goes. Not sure how to package that or how practical it might be. But I reckon all this denominational stuff can be off putting…

Apart from that it is a T-shirt day, at last, no jumper needed.

I am due my cancer check-up in May..

Nothing else on the horizon.