It Can’t Be – Failure to Heed

Overnight I have been reflecting on this theme, it can’t be. This is when a situation starts to evolve and some signs in regard of its evolution start to appear. There is a first flash of recognition that these signs might be pointing at something, but then they are discounted and explained away, because it can’t be. The signs aren’t heeded because to do so would be inconvenient and hard work. We are now in early onset cranio-rectal disease, it starts to take hold and any subsequent signs are not heeded. The point of intervention has passed, and the cloak of denial demands huge great signs before it can now be lifted. This is because people have invested in the denial, usually because it interferes with the way their bread is buttered in some way or another. People don’t want to see.

A classic example was Jimmy Savile, there were signs that he was a creepy so and so, but he was good publicity and brought in loads of charity money as a cover for his nefarious acts. People had borrowed some of his kudos and had been publicly associated with him, even endorsed him. It was therefore important that he shone so that they could bask in the reflected glory. The signs grew and remained unheeded. After his death and when the story came out there was much hand wringing. In a way and out of self-interest primarily, people chose not to see, nor heed the warnings. It can’t be, he is such a nice chap raising all that money for charity!! The list goes on, there are many others of related ilk.

This failure to wake up and smell the coffee is not an uncommon thing. Sometimes one has to be strapped to a gurney and a funnel rammed in the mouth, then to have litres of expresso poured in before even the first whiff of coffee gets through.

I can think of a few situations where I have said things, often sotto voce, which were not heeded and then surprise, surprise, it happened. In my own case the more sotto voce I become the more serious I am about a situation. There is an occluding debris of people saying stuff and not doing it, so when you (I) say stuff it can not be heeded due to this debris of hot air. This is the complacency associated with taking things for granted, which in part stems from a sense of entitlement. The tendency to idealize can also blind.

Sometimes the reason we don’t see something is that we don’t want to see it. It can’t be, especially if it upsets some “order” or other. And when we have decided that it can’t be we have slammed shut the portcullis of mind and nothing gets through.

Having cued this up:

Have I ever failed to heed some signs because it can’t be?

Once this can’t be has taken hold, is it now impossible?

Where does this can’t be stem from?

Is it because I don’t want it to be?