Immersed in the Babel Problem

“Without mentat overlay integration, you can be immersed in the Babel Problem, which is the label we give to the omnipresent dangers of achieving wrong combinations from accurate information.”

I suspect that this Babel Problem is very widespread. People get some data, some information, some hearsay, some of which may be accurate much of it not, and they put it all together and come up with some ersatz which isn’t coffee. It might look like coffee, sound like coffee but it doesn’t smell like coffee, so it isn’t coffee. Yet they drink it as if it was going out of fashion.

When I was in Cardiff in 1989 (previous) things were very different. Joking aside I would be very at home in an establishment as portrayed and this says something about me. Yet even when I say to people that I am Welsh, because I sound private school educated(ish) there is an assumption that I am Engl-ish. But I am not. Lacking the mentat overlay integration certain behaviours and thinking are expected of me. And when they don’t materialize on cue, it can be disconcerting.

This is a part of a wider problem. People think they have it “sussed” when they don’t. In some cases, people are damn sure they have it “sussed” when they haven’t even begun to scratch the surface. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will have noted some eclectic and esoteric flavour. I also swear like a fucking trooper from time to time. Believe it or not everything herein is somehow integrated in my mind, at least there if there alone, it is all joined up. I suspect that I am a little difficult to compartmentalize, maybe you could use the broad brush of nutter or lunatic.

The trouble is that when one is thoroughly immersed in the Babel Problem that is all one can see. It never occurs that we have the wrong end of the stick, that our conclusions and suppositions are fallacious.

Having cued this up:

Have I ever been immersed in the Babel Problem?

If so, for how long?

How did I get out?

Am I still immersed in the Babel Problem but unaware of this?