Latency and Potential

Yesterday I raised the notion of mutants via the X-men and this is a good metaphor for how society treats its anomalies, of which I am one. I am anomalous in that given my background in terms of education and the establishments to which I was once associated, I find myself here doing this. Such a thing clashes with the systemic supposition of the sort of things I “should” be doing. Nevertheless, it is a material reality. This situation is unlikely to change any time soon. The system does not allow for this and for anyone therein to do anything about it, is way too risky in that context. I have joked about hot potatoes and barge poles, and that humour points. As such whatever remains of my latency and potential can only find a very limited expression, it is corralled here.

I’ll hazard a guess that I am in no way unique, in that there are many beings who have latent potential which remains un-manifested. The circumstances and the sociopolitical system is not a fertile bed in which they might grow and develop, its power structures will not let it. There is a loss by lack of manifestation. It is not a quantifiable loss because it never happened and thereby cannot be counted. It is one of those things which leaves no overt material world traces. It belongs to realms of “we will never know”. Whether things would be better for the manifestation nobody can, in truth, say. What we might say is that there is a hint of potential unrealised. In my case that is largely down to the interactions between me and a relatively small number of individuals. I am not looking at the dairy floor and bursting into tears about this. It is just like this.

Any human potential as it manifests alters the fabric of space-time and the event-flow set into action by that manifestation. Some have big effects others less. Where that potential of mine might have been is a kind of vacuum and other stuff has manifested therein. So, we have what might be called the karma of vacuums of the karma of what might have been but never was. This has an effect in that something else manifests where the latent potential might have done. Even a vacuum has an effect. Because that vacuum is filled it is not so obvious, the traces of the vacuum are gone.

One could frame this in terms of resource. A latent potential is a resource that might be tapped. But unlike resources such as shale gas there is less longevity to human potential. It cannot be saved up for future use, because the vehicle of human potential wears out and kicks the bucket. Unused capability has a karmic effect by loss, it never manifests and what might have been goes. It is not eco-friendly in that it is wasted and metaphorically stuffed into landfill. What we don’t use we lose. We might have had the benefit but did not like the look or the implication of a potential, so we manifest something different.

Even though something does not manifest it has effect by its lack of manifestation, the fabric of space-time does not evolve as it might otherwise have done. One can think of an artist’s palette. Upon that palette there are a number of oils, removal of one colour does not preclude the painting, it does limit the spectrum of that painting, however.

One notices “that which is missing” from time to time. Everyone has experienced this to an extent, even if only after the passing of a pet. The space where something used to be is noted. One does not see the space where something might have been in such an obvious way. Though these possibilities may leave a mark on the psyche, the child we never had, the things we never got around to. This realm of possibilities must ever remain intangible, because there is nothing to touch, no substance.

So latent and unrealised potential is the very non-stuff within the web of life. If you like it is the dark energy immaterial which somehow still has an impact by its very lack of matter. It is an echo never sounded in the cosmic symphony, a space, a pause in tempo. Because it never made it out of the void, it carries with it something void, a nothing-ness and is the gap between the fibres of the spider’s web. Without which the web would appear entirely different.

Strange thing this latent, unrealised, un-manifested potential. It is all around us, but we cannot see it.