What and When is a Problem?

Does a problem exist only if a solution is needed or desired?

In the absence of need or desire the “problem” has no requirement of solution and therefore it ceases to be problematic. But we can see problems when there are none and we can make things a tad over complicated. Sometimes the answer to a problem is simply to let go. And in other times we manufacture a problem in our minds.

Unless the WordPress stats page is dramatically under-reporting, whatever I write here is getting very limited readership, so it is in a quiet cul-de-sac of the internet. If outside influences are accessing this material it might be problematic, perhaps for them. Though why anything just like this should be problematic is open to question. Many problems stem directly from the contextual framework within which they are approached and therefore set. Get rid of the context and the problem vanishes, insist on the context and it remains.

I have one problem at the moment and that is a simple one to frame. “What shall I do with the rest of my earthly sojourn?”  It is a problem so far without solution. I don’t want to join the Air Force, so it is a simple problem. But even a problem this simple may take some solving. There are many variables beyond my control or influence.

Yah, context can be causal of problems.

Change the context and the problem vanishes.