The Magnetic Pull of Other People’s Drama

Have you ever gotten drawn into to someone else’s drama?

I certainly have, but that tendency is reduced now. There is a strange pull towards these dramas which can be difficult to resist. And there are a lot of drama queens, both male and female, out there. Perhaps you know one or two? Maybe you are a drama queen yourself? For these types the slightest thing can become an end-of-the-world scenario and it is important that you buy-in to their dramatization, bless. Most of all they want you to agree with them about how very terrible the situation is, how utterly unfair it is and for you to give them sympathy and attention. The last thing they want is perspective and proportion because this ruins the control drama. They want you to side with them and go out of your way. They want you in the drama vortex with them.

Before long you can be devoting vast amounts of time and energy to satiate these dramas. One can get so very convolved in them that one can get giddy. One can even act-out along with the drama queen. There is nothing like somebody else’s dramas for bringing out our own dramas. These dramas nearly always sap our energy and drain us. We can be bled dry by the dramas of other beings.

Having cued this up:

Have I ever gotten drawn into someone else’s drama?

How deep did I go?

Is this a repeating pattern of mine?

What is so very tempting about these dramas which makes them somehow irresistible?