Acceptance and Denial

This axis is the axis of learning. At one end there is a stubborn often haughty refusal to learn and at the other is more humility and willingness. If one is already “omniscient” there is no desire to learn and thus that which is not already encompassed cannot be worth learning. If one is too accepting, then there is a risk of gullibility. Somewhere on this axis learning takes place, a certain friction between denial and acceptance leads to learning. Things can shift out of denial and into acceptance, this journey can be a very long one. And some things remain in denial for entire kalpas, this is because there are many things which we simply refuse to accept. It is not because they are beyond or capability, we simply refuse and will not, the willingness to learn does not exist. If we are fixated on always being right it undermines our ability to learn. As logical as this statement is, those insistent on being right may not ever accept it.

This human phenomenon of denial is common. There are so many things which we do not wish to see, to believe and to countenance. Whilst we might accept other things without question if they come from authority or some geezer of repute. We might listen to what governments say and swallow it hook line and sinker. If the ghost of Stephen Hawking visited us in the wee small hours we might hang on every word that came to us through the Ouija board. If we were arguing with a sibling or spouse, we may deny whatever it is they are on about as a default. We do not show as much discernment as we might in what we accept and what we deny.

If we deny by default, we can kill the genesis of new thinking. If we are open-minded we can accept without accepting, let the situation evolve and only then decide if it is a crock of shit. To assume crock of shit from the get go is ignorant. For discernment to work, in any meaningful way, there has to be some measure of initial acceptance, a tiny hint of open-ness, we have to give something a chance. If we are dogmatic, adamant and closed-minded what we are really saying is that we do not want to evolve, fuck you, I am right.

Having cued this up:

Is my default to negate or explore?

Am I open-minded?

Am I selective in the things I am open minded about?

Do I need to review my self-perception?