What We Dream In

That which occurs in our lives we have, in one way or another, intended. We have dreamed it in or called it forth. It is not that we kneel and pray or ask for something, it is through our attitude and actions that we call forth. The universe watches, it observes us and then sends us that which we need. It may not be what we want or like, but the universe wants us to learn and evolve, so it cooperates with us. It may send us pleasant things, or it may send us nightmare scenarios. This is another way of speaking about cause and effect or karma. If we have a control-freak nature it may send us situations totally out of our control so that we can learn to ease off on the reigns a little. If we are arrogant it may send us situations which teach us humility. That which we dream in may indeed seem nightmarish for us.

We manifest things and situations in our lives. We can manifest shed loads of dramas, bucketsful of intrigue or we can manifest simplicity. If we keep doing the same thing over the universe may have to switch the lessons from light and easy to hard and severe. It is up to us in so many ways, if we are eager to learn the universe gives us a light touch, if we are not so eager it can whack us and whack us hard.

Nearly always the lessons the universe offers are in proportion to need and fit for purpose. We may not however see the lesson and assume that the bastard universe is out to get us. But should we look we can always find something to learn. If we feel ourselves victim, then the universe may sense our need to feel further victimised and send us plenty to feel sorry for ourselves about. It will only stop when we have had enough of that draught, we have drunk our fill. It is up to us to change our attitude and thus change the contents of that which we dream in or call forth.

We can change the nature of the waking dream, just as we can in dreams at night.

Having cued this up:

What am I manifesting now and around now?

Is it a pleasant dream?

Or is it nightmarish?

Have I ever been whacked by the universe?

If I took responsibility for the contents of my dream might I be able to change them?