Becoming a Day-walker.

Is there freedom in the shadows?

There is a great deal of glamour associated with the vampire mythos. Vampirism confers special powers, power over others, sensuality, sexiness, mystique and a limited immortality. There is however, a lot at stake for vampires; they fear exposure and most of all exposure to sun light. They must ever wander hungry, lustful in the shadows. They seek eternally their next sip of blood, another being to feed off. Whilst they have some weird power, they have fears and furtiveness. They may want dominion, but they are not day-walkers. The vampire genre has recently invented this notion of day-walker.

This metaphor is generally applicable. The freedom and power offered by the shadows is of a limited kind and it comes at a price.

There is only one way to claim the power of a day-walker and that is to step out into the full light of day. If you are afraid to do this, then the only power you have is that of a shadow being.

This is the test, daylight, openness and genuine transparency. Until you try it you will not know if you will be burned to dust.

Having cued this up:

Why am I so afraid of the light?

Would it not be truly liberating to become a day-walker?

Or do I prefer my fearful prison of shadows?