Cunning and Clever or Honourable and Impeccable?

With which pairing do you associate?

How might others see you?

It seems to me that many aspire to being cunning and clever, that way one can find some “advantage” in every situation, spot some short-cuts, make bogus benefits and insurance claims, practise gamesmanship, beat the system and be “smart”, perhaps in the know. It speaks a little about politics in a socio-political context. Maybe in times of need it is the cunning and clever who acquire where the honourable and impeccable go hungry.

But, which of these pairings lifts the spirit? Which is open and free?

It is for each to decide how they wish to orient their lives and you can decide for yourself if the pairings overlap or are to a large extent mutually exclusive. Personally, it seems to me that there is little overlap between cunning and impeccability. Cunning has an air of subterfuge about, it is a shadow quality. It does not smack of being fair. One could say that cleverness is a step on the way to wisdom, but it has the sense of “clever” and not yet wise, to it. We might say someone is clever at school which means good at exams. They are not yet sage, though they might become.

So, cunning is a shadow word, clever is on the fence, honour and impeccability are light words. Perfidy and plotting are shadow words, inclusion and openness are light.

Having cued this up:

Do I prefer shadow words or light words?

Do I aspire to be cunning?

Do I aspire to be clever?

Do I aspire to be honourable?

Do I aspire to be impeccable?