Seeking an Advantage

It is not uncommon for people to seek an advantage. They want to have the drop on someone, to gather intelligence, curry favour and forge alliances, be able to exert leverage and otherwise have the upper hand. Now what does this say? Does it say that the seeker of advantage is a strategic being? Or does it say the seeker of advantage has a fundamental doubt and insecurity about their own ability and capacities? If you are secure and have good balanced self-esteem, why on earth would you need advantage? It is like admitting you are shit from the get go. It says I lack self-belief and power, thereby I have to bend things in my favour.

Until you stop seeking advantage you will never know what you are capable of on a level playing field, so to speak. Doubt will remain and so you will perennially be seeking an advantage. In the context of freedom and liberation there is no such thing as advantage. It is not a part of the language of freedom. If free, what possible advantage could there be in having an advantage?

Moreover, advantage has the edge of “attack” and mundane victory to it.  The intent of advantage is to conquer others whilst failing to conquer self.

Having cued this up:

Do I seek advantage?

No matter how strategic this seems does this desire for advantage stem from my insecurity?

If I get an advantage will that raise my self-belief and erase my insecurity?