What is Acceptable to You?

This question is framed in the context of our own behaviours.

“What is acceptable behaviour for me? What am I OK with me doing?”

The answer will no doubt be context dependent. Under duress we might be happy with behaviours which we would not be happy with in the usual scheme of things. I’ll guess we have all done things, behaved in certain ways at one time or another, which do not make us proud. We may have behaved in a shabby manner. Each of us have our own standards and it is not a limbo competition. The depths to which we can sink to may surprise us. Maybe we feel ashamed or embarrassed. Perhaps in retrospect our toes curl a little, but this only happens when the anaesthetic of justifications starts to wear off. Whilst they are strong, there is less of a concern.

We may have crossed a line, dropped the limbo bar too far and after that it can be a long way back. We may feel we have all the time in the world, which we don’t. Thus, it is OK to put off trying to raise our standards of behaviour, our ethos.

It is a question for each of us as to where we draw the line.

What is acceptable to you?

What behaviours of yours make you proud?

What are you OK with you doing?