Лбом сте́нку не расшибёшь

It is with some sadness that I have been watching Boris-the-gob in action of late. Some crazy association comes into his head, he does not think it through and out it comes. This is the danger of ENTP, each new thought propels. No matter how much “advice” someone like that is given, when the urge comes, it is so strong, it has to be said. He is starting to look very foolish and many might cringe at a senior politician behaving like this. Other people may cheer him on, “let’s give Vlad a bashing”. They forget that at the end of the second world war half a million Russian troops marched into Vienna.

This inability to pause, fully engage mind and then act, is not his alone. It is very common.

I am reminded of at least half a dozen times when I have warned people about things. For example, when I say that now is not the time to discuss things, this is a considered statement on my part. I have taken my own mood into count and figured out that it would be better to let things calm down. I have suggested that we think things through. I have even suggested that people think before they say something. If it gets to this stage with me I am ready to act and swiftly so. But suggesting to some that they need to think before opening their mouth is a waste of breath. It can even encourage people to do that, gob off. What happens is not my fault if a warning goes unheeded.

Having cued this up:

Has my need for immediacy ever precipitated a situation {badly} for me?

Has my mouth ever gotten me in trouble?

Do I fail to heed warning signs?

Is taking advice something that I simply will not do?