How We See Ourselves

It is possible that we have an image in our minds of how we are, and how we aspire to be. In these image-conscious days we can spend a lot of time cultivating that image. We may have to write bios about ourselves for professional purposes or recreational ones on Grindr. It is possible that we upload gigabytes of pictures to social media. We may even put stomach churning mouse ears or some other travesty to these photos. So, we have at least two images, one we use for business and one more personal. In these days of data, we leave an image trail. By and large there is more than a little spin.

But, despite all our public relations efforts how others see us will never match exactly how we see ourselves. This may cause some dissatisfaction. Because of all this fakery, people are getting ever more adept at reading between the lines. There is a PR translation app, that is resident in the mind, it can be downloaded at

What can be interesting is to see which exemplar, which “archetype”, we empathise with most. The mystic is a name often associated with INFJs and I find this pleasing, for example. I am an ex-boffin to boot. But I also played front row rugby and that is a club, a way of thinking. Some people have pride about being a good citizen, others yearn for the high seas, a fair wind and open water.

We may have more than one image which we “like”.

Having cued this up:

How well do my PR bios match the real me?

Does this mis-match between my PR and my reality, ever cause me problems?

If I were to pick some characters, fictional or otherwise, with which would I empathise?