What is Significant?

I guess what we deem to be significant is context dependent and it is also time varying. Something which we initially think to be insignificant can like a seed, grow into to something much more significant. Significance can also be spatial, in that what is locally significant may or may not have a wider significance. And we may ignore the insignificant at our peril.

What is insignificant to me might be significant to you and vice versa. Significance can be in the eye of the beholder or beholders. In the grand scheme of things, I am just another NHS statistic but locally what transpires is to the wife and I, in terms of the big C, significant.

People of vision have often noted that the seemingly small can have a wide-ranging effect. If you lack the vision you cannot see this or maybe you don’t want to. The small maybe just detail to some, but there is a saying about the devil and the detail. Is the microcosm the progenitor of the macrocosm or merely its fractal?

If your context is self-centred it is unlikely that you will deem things that do not impinge on you directly as being significant. If you are more holistic you will think of interconnectivity. What goes on in my tiny corner of the universe may via the butterfly effect, touch your world. I cannot know what goes on outside the confines of my world, it lies beyond my horizon. But stuff from out there does impact in here. I read the news and the economy as a whole does touch.

Once can never know how significant any act might be with certainty. I can guess that some of my actions have had a wider significance, but very few have told me anything, so it would just be a guess. A whole bunch of stuff might be going on “out there” which I have been causal of. There is no feedback mechanism, so I cannot know.

Hmnn, significance is a strange beast…

When does something become significant and in what context(s)? And who decides?