Are Dreams Significant?

The previous text suggests that they are. This account is a part of the collective consciousness of hundreds of millions of people. It is a foundation “stone” of Judaism, Christianity and perhaps Islam. Moreover, it was the basis for a highly successful piece of musical theatre. There is a modern day financial significance. Whether we pertain to dreams and dreaming ourselves, they are significant. If you are fond of precedence, here is some. There are accounts of dreams aiding scientific discovery.

Dreams can change our lives. Once we have had a dream, we cannot un-have it. Even if we lock it away in the cupboard of our minds, it is still there. The effect might be small, or it might be large.

I have filled over a dozen “lab-books” with dreams these last eighteen years or so. And some of mine are here on the blog.

Having cued this up:

Are dreams significant to me?

Has any dream of mine had a profound effect on me?

Or are dreams simply nonsense and poppycock?