Are You a Dreamer or a Stalker?

In the Toltec Teachings people have a preference, a predilection, for either dreaming or stalking. And this is not stalking in the criminal sense nor Facebook stalking, it is a way of looking for knowledge more akin to stalking a rabbit. It is through questioning and the like. Whereas a dreamer is more contemplative and well, dreamy. My own predilection is for dreaming.

Loosely the dreamers map onto the introverts and the stalkers map onto the extroverts. It is not uncommon for stalkers to think dreaming is a waste of time.

If for example you are drawn to posts about dreaming, then it is possible you are a “dreamer”, if you think them fluff and nonsense then you are a stalker by predilection.

In the previous post I gave a quote outline of a female dreamer who is in the Westerly direction.

Are you a stalker or a dreamer?