Dreaming – Our Very Private Worlds

But where do you go to my lovely
When you’re alone in your bed
Tell me the thoughts that surround you
I want to look inside your head, yes I do.

Peter Sarstedt

I have a hunch that there are, for many of us, at least two worlds. There is the outer socially acceptable world, that conforms pretty much to the norm and there is our inner world, the world of dreams and maybe fantasies. In those dreams and that wistful, is a different being than we show to others. For that world is very private and we share it with few. Our pillow world can be markedly different from our day-to-day.

In that world we may hold, or partially hold, beliefs which we may never share with another being for fear of looking foolish. In that world there are no constraints and few boundaries, we may waft along the cusp of the dream. And only should we meet another dreamer do we feel enabled to put words to our very private worlds. For there is a recognition one dreamer to another which does not need spoken. Yet it is only with these that we give words to our private worlds.

In those private worlds there can be a richness beyond and they can indeed be troubling too. For away from the social world we assemble for the benefit of others, is something more akin to our nature, a nature we dress anew each day. And for some the reverie of dreams is a place of beauty and retreat. We can dream, wake up and go to the loo and then start the dream again when we return to bed. “Now, where was I?” Where we go to in our dreams is our little secret and it often has a yearning and escape to it.

That nebulous quality of the dreaming, is soft and nascent, it can be stark and nightmarish. And if we are skilled in the art we may, in the dream, know that we are dreaming, we are awake in our dreams. We are less awake during the day, because the covering of the socially acceptable lays heavy upon us.

Our dreams may contain the unrequited, the yearnings of our Soul and they can be a whole lot earthier than that, the yearnings of our body. But in the dream so much more is connected, and the order needs not a spreadsheet or a map. And maybe we meet the dream-walkers there. We may encounter the loved-ones no longer with us, we may meet our terrors. The dream world is less tractable to control and that for some is scary. But the key to dreaming is relaxation into the dream and not trying to force it in any direction. Simply dream and let it coalesce and evolve. Dreaming is dreaming.

Our dreams can show us a little of what our Soul seeks.

I have a hunch that there are, for many of us, at least two worlds.